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Here at Plumbs, we are able to provide a top quality reupholstering service up and down the country. We have reupholstery specialists in every part of the country, allowing us to deliver our fantastic service to your door, no matter where you might live.

Yorkshire is, of course, no exception to this, and we can get to work on making your favourite pieces of furniture shiny and new again throughout the region. Our free (and no obligation!) home consultancy service can pay you a visit anywhere in “God’s Own Country”, so whether you live in the North, South, West or the East Riding of Yorkshire, we can help you.

We pride ourselves on our high standards, always striving for perfection, and our impeccable customer service record stands as testament to this. We are a family business, and you can expect all that this entails when you choose us – we put all of our love and care into our work.

We offer a vast range of different patterns and fabrics; this means that your furniture will come out looking exactly as you’ve dreamed. And even better, we offer a full three-year guarantee on any piece that we work on. Get in touch now – you’re in safe hands. 

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