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Plumbs is family-run company who, through a combination of traditional techniques and state of the art manufacturing technology, can create beautiful made-to-measure curtains, blinds, loose covers and upholstery for your home in Bury.

For over 50 years we’ve been located in Lancashire, starting on a market stall and growing into a nationwide company, who still operate with their core values of friendly service and quality product.

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Julia Glancy

Bury famously grew in the Industrial Revolution, and by its history as a mill town producing textiles, Plumbs feels a shared heritage with your town. The world famous market that Bury hosts only adds to this connection too! We’re here to not only share a heritage, but to share our stunning product with you as a local company.

Our professional home representative will bring our service to you with a friendly attitude and a wealth of knowledge. Able to give you advice as to what your furniture needs and how best to make it beautiful, your Consultant is an expert in all things Plumbs! They’re here to provide you with free guidance and answer any of your questions too.

Your furniture’s loose covers or upholstery are often crated by a local craftsman who is specially selected for their skill in the trade. The transformation we create will last for years, shown by every order coming with a 3 Year Quality Guarantee. Plus, with free delivery and professional fitting, you’re guaranteed the perfect finish! So why not have us over and see what we could do?

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Our fabrics are selected from leading design houses, from famous names including:

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