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Reupholstery is better for the environment

The latest government figures say that we in the UK send more than half our waste to a landfill. That is a huge 62 million tonnes a year in England alone. Now the aim is to reduce landfill by at least 50% over the next 10 years.

Reup Recycling The Problem

Every year thousands of sofas are abandoned on our streets or thrown into landfills.  Not only is this a waste but it is also unpleasant to view and harmful to our environment and wildlife.

Reup Recycling The Impact

It can be tempting to throw away your old furniture if it is old, worn, and no longer fits in with your décor.  But there are more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Reupholstering your furniture is an effective direct action that you can take to reduce our landfill problem.  Not only does this help the environment it removes the need to search the high street for yet more furniture.

We can do this with your old and tired furniture...

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