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Queen Anne Wing Chair

The Queen Anne Style is a furniture or decoration style that reached its peak of popularity towards the end of the 19th century. It consisted largely of influences taken from "Old English" or even Tudor styles and characteristics.

The Queen Anne Chair is a chair that was designed and produced during this period. Queen Anne chairs are characterized by simple curvilinear lines, vasiform splats, and cabriole legs. Seats often feature a horseshoe shape. The most important decorative elements are carved shell and scroll motifs, often found on the crest and knees.

The more modern and well-known variation of the Queen Anne Chair, is the Queen Anne wingback chair. This variation is generally fully upholstered with the exception of the exposed wood cabriole legs, which all four sit on padded feet. In contrast to the more masculine King George wingback chair, the shoulders of the back curve slightly to give a more feminine looking style.

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The sides on a Queen Anne wingback are slightly folded inward. This is not entirely for decorative purposes, as this design can help keep heat contained within the chair.

We reupholster the popular Queen Anne Chair regularly, however can also produce loose covers for this design. If you’re unsure what style your furniture is our consultants are fully qualified to identify 1000’s of different makes and styles to give you the best advice possible about restoring your favourite furniture.

Watch our video below and find out what processes go into reupholstering a Queen Anne Chair..

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