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Drop Arm Sofa

Drop-arm sofas became very popular from around 1860 to 1910, with the Chesterfield style becoming the most common. Today, there are many modern styles that apply this hinged mechanism that allows one (or both) arms to be lowered flat and to a 45° angle.

Drop arm sofas are in the same family as daybeds, whose origins date back to the last millennium. Being that they have been around in some form or another for centuries, daybeds have gone through many changes throughout the years. Designs created by the ancient Greek, Roman and the Egyptian artisans through to designs made during the Victorian Age were the foundation for all the designs that are available today.

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It seems that every culture has some form of daybed frame ranging from the very simple to the complex. It has always been an essential part of any home and still holds value today.

From the 900's to the 1700's long wooden chest and rope beds were popular. The construction of the rope bed was simple but they were dressed up by using cushions and draperies that were very expensive. It was in the 16th century that the drop arm sofa was designed.

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