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Chaise Longue

As with the drop arm sofa, the chaise longue is part of the daybed family of furniture dating back centuries and is actually a merger of a daybed and chair.

The chaise longue has been found throughout history in many civilisations from very simplistic carved wood designs from Early Africa to an ancient Mexican culture called the Olmecs. Grecian art work regularly depicted gods and deities reclining on a chaise longue.

The French Rococo art movement of the 18th century really popularised the chaise longue and is a style that is still very favoured today. Rococo décor is a very elegant and ornate style that foremost features asymmetry and pastel colours. This asymmetry seems to keep the aspects of Rococo décor in an unbalanced order of contrast, which lends itself wonderfully to the chaise longue.

In fact the word ‘chaise longue’ comes from the French term meaning long chair and has often prompted many discussions to the correct spelling. In the 19th century the term ‘chaise lounge’ was coined in a linguistic mistake but understandably survived, as a misspelling of 'longue' is 'lounge'. As lounging is what one does on these sofas, the supposed translation of 'lounging chair' makes perfect sense.

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Today, there are many thousands of different shapes and styles of chaise longues, helped by the production being more economical due to advancements in machinery and engineering.

Plumbs have lots of experience reupholstering the popular Chaise Longue style of furniture.   If you’re unsure about your furniture why not speak to one of our home consultants who are fully qualified to identify 1000’s of different makes and styles. This expertise helps us to give you the best advice possible about restoring your beloved furniture.

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