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Tetrad Reupholstery, Repair & Restoration

Tetrad could be credited with bringing about a mini revolution in the 1970s with its incredibly popular Chesterfield designs. Being the hallmark of domestic elegance, a Tetrad leather Chesterfield was the ultimate status symbol. And again in the 80s, Tetrad set the trend with its new ‘shabby chic’ styles of loose-covered furniture, the Tetrad Alicia sofa being the first truly washable loose-cover sofa. Plumbs in fact made loose covers for Tetrad in this period to help meet demand.

Our consultants are fully qualified to identify Tetrad styles and our upholsterers are very familiar with the way they are built. Having this understanding of Tetrad enables Plumbs to offer you the finest service and guaranteed craftsmanship when restoring your furniture to is former beauty.

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About Tetrad

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Tetrad, based in Lancashire, has been designing and manufacturing furniture for over 30 years. Tetrad produces terrifically high quality pieces of furniture that are not only functional but perfect centre pieces for any home.

Plumbs can also provide you with reupholstery for your terrific Tetrad furniture alongside loose covers in a range of designs to suit your décor needs.

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