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Webbing & Base Hessian

Webbing & Base Hessian are commonly used as a foundation to most traditionally upholstered chairs and sofas. Webbing, in particular, helps the frame to become a strong weight bearing structure. 


Every piece of upholstered furniture will have webbing applied to create a strong seat and firm base, which support the rest of the reupholstery. Webbing is also used on the arms and back to reinforce padding and stuffing. 

Webbing 2

There are several types of webbing, all of which are suitable for different applications. Three of the most common include Black & White English, Jute, and Pirelli webbing.

Black & White English Webbing – one of, if not, the strongest upholstery webbing and is traditionally used to support double cone springs. This webbing is especially recommended for seating due to its strength, which comes from the cotton herringbone weave.

Jute Webbing – the most common webbing used and is made of a strong fibre grown in India. Jute webbing is widely used for supporting the back and arms but not recommended for use as a base under sprung seats.

Pirelli Webbing – a rubber webbing mainly found on Ercol, Parker Knoll and Cintique furniture. Pirelli makes a firm base for a seat cushion and is usually fixed with a metal clip that then slots into a groove in the frame rather than being stapled of tacked. 

Base Hessian

For unsprung upholstered furniture, Base Hessian is applied straight over webbing to enforce this strong foundation. If springs are used, they are tied down on top of the webbing before hessian is applied. Similar to webbing, there are various types of hessian. Mainly differing in weight for use of specific parts of the frame or when layered over springs. 

Base Hessian

As part of Plumbs’ reupholstery service, we will replace any worn or damaged webbing and hessian. If there is no damage to either we will tighten the layers to make them as secure as they were when new.

To restore your much-loved piece of furniture to its former glory we will reupholster it using similar types of techniques with which it was made. The materials used will also be the same quality, if not better.

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