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Taking Down and Frame Inspection

Taking down is a process of removing layers of upholstery right down to the frame. Completing the work in this way allows for each layer to be inspected and original upholstery techniques noted so reupholstering can be performed in the same manner in which it was made.

Taking Down2

Every piece of furniture Plumbs reupholster is inspected to determine which layers of upholstery can be kept and which needs to be replaced. The fabric is of course discarded as they will be replaced with a beautiful new Plumbs fabric of your choice. The padding, stuffing and springs can be reused if they are in good condition.

We start the process by removing all the bottoming, which includes all old tacks, staples or studs. The utmost care is taken to ensure the frame is not damaged. This allows us to start stripping the old top cover.

Taking Down3

The top cover, if removed carefully, can be a great guide when it comes to measuring replacement fabric. Once the top cover is removed we can assess the quality and take note of the type of padding & stuffing used.

At this point, on more modern pieces of furniture we may be able to start the re-covering process. If, however, the stuffing and padding is too worn, or the springs and frame need attention, we continue the taking down process.

With most materials now stripped down, we are able to fully inspect both springs and frame for damage.

As part of Plumbs reupholstery service we will replace any worn or damaged layers of upholstery. Minor repairs can also be made to the frame, such as tightening up or re-gluing of any loose joints. Any major repairs can be made but may be subject to additional cost. 

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