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Springs take a very important role when used in the upholstery of furniture. They can be used to give added resilience, depth and comfort to the seat, inside back and arm pads. Springs in certain styles of furniture also help create shape. There are four main types of springs; Double-Cone Springs, Tension Springs, Serpentine/ Zigzag Springs and Mesh Top Spring Units.

Double-Cone Springs

Coil Springs

Double-Cone Springs form part of a piece of furniture’s foundation and are usually placed in-between webbing and base hessian. Depending on their size and gauge they can be used for seats and backs with the smallest and thinnest being generally used to support arm pads.

It is vital these springs are applied in the correct way so that they do not buckle. The springs are secured to webbing, to each other with lashing, to the frame, and then covered in a layer of hessian. This technique keeps the springs in the best position allowing them to absorb and distribute weight evenly.

Tension Springs & Zigzag Springs

Zigzag Springs

Tension Springs & Zigzag Springs are mainly used in the upholstery of more modern pieces of furniture. These springs also come in different gauges and sizes depending on their use and are usually secured to the frame with hooks rather than the more intricate techniques used with Double-Cone Springs.

Mesh Top Spring Units

Mesh Springs

Mesh Top Spring Units have become more popular with the arrival of mass-produced and pre-fabricated furniture. Spring units are composed of single-cone springs riveted on to a base of thin steel laths. These are then held in an upright position by a wire mesh with a heavier wire around the edge. This is all then covered with a layer of hessian.

As part of Plumbs reupholstery service we will replace any worn or damaged springs. If no springs need replacing we will ensure they are all aligned and properly secured to the frame so that they are as good as new.

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