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Deep Buttoning

Deep buttoning requires the greatest amount of patience and accuracy of all the reupholstering techniques. The effect of deep buttoning really defines the personality of a piece of furniture. Watch the video below to see how one of our own master upholsterers transforms this button back chair...


Deep buttoning is a very time consuming process that requires the patience and skill of an experienced upholsterer. Once the technique is mastered, the creativity of the upholsterer is what really makes the furniture stand out.

Deep buttoning is an exaggerated version of standard buttoning. The technique consists of buttons being compressed at regular intervals through a deep filled upholstery pad, and then stitched under tension at the back. A pattern of deep stuffed, padded pockets is then formed, often in a diamond configuration.

Button Multi

Any style of furniture can accommodate deep buttoning providing its frame allows for an upholstery pad with enough depth. Buttoning is generally found on the inside backs of furniture but can be used on seats, arms, padded borders and rails. Traditional Chesterfields are a great example of this deep buttoning effect.

Chesterfield Tech

Great care and attention is needed in the planning stages of deep buttoning, particularly when using floral, tartan or any intricate styled fabric. It is very important to get the fabric in the right position in relation to the buttons, folds and seat fabric. Any pattern mismatches will be intensified by this technique, which is why plain fabrics are a far better choice.

If your furniture has deep buttoning you can be assured that our master upholsterers have the experience and skill to transform your furniture from the inside out, and deliver it back to you like new. 

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