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Which Upholstery Fabric is best for pets?

We’re a nation of pet lovers. Whether they be big, small, fluffy or cuddly - we rely on our furry friends to cheer us up and be there to greet us at the door.

As much as we love our companions it can often be difficult to update our homes in the way we would like. Practicality often outweighs style on our list of priorities and making choices on carpet and fabrics becomes more limited, as we think about pet hair, scratches, and muddy paws!

Angry Cat 

With this in mind we thought we’d look at the upholstery options available and also any pros and cons that go along with each…


Patterned designs are a good option when choosing fabric for a sofa, as the design may help to hide any pet hair or marks.  If possible, it also may be worth considering washable fitted covers for your sofa such as the ones below. The advantage of these is you can re-fresh your furniture as often as needed.  We would advise against picking heavily textured designs where fibres could become easily plucked or loose over time.



Although pet hair can be easily removed from velvet with a damp cloth or lint brush, the nature of velvet means it isn’t the best at concealing marks and stains, even when you choose a darker shade of fabric. If you love the look of velvet one less costly option is to choose curtains and scatter cushions in a plush velvet design. This way you can still create a luxurious feel without the expense and risk to your sofa. 


Tweedy Texture

Tweed fabrics may seem like a good choice for pet lovers due to its durability; however the deep weave may actually trap more hair and make it more difficult to clean. If you are considering a tweed sofa we would suggest using pet throws on the seats and arms to try to catch as much hair as possible.


Leather is always a popular choice with pet owners as it can be wiped clean time after time and doesn’t harbour any odours.  The downside to leather is that depending on how ‘new’ the look of the leather is, it can highlight any scratches, which may be off-putting, especially to cat owners.  When considering a leather sofa it may be best to go for a more aged look, as this will hide any imperfections much more.

 Leather Sofa Dog 


Aqua Clean is a revolutionary technology which covers every single fibre within the fabric creating an invisible barrier stopping liquids and stains from penetrating the fabric.  This barrier means even household accidents such as drool (or anything worse!) can be removed by simply using a little water and tissue. Aquaclean is particularly useful if your pet has a habit of traipsing mud around the house!

 Kta Stl P1

 With nearly all fabrics there are upsides and downsides so it’s worth thinking through the options and doing your research so you can get the most out of your furniture. Loose Covers and pet throws will help you prolong the looks of your sofas and chairs, so it’s worth considering these when making a purchase.

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