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How to prepare your Home to sell

Planning a big move this year? Whether you plan to downside, are looking for a bigger garden or are even planning to emigrate we've got tips on how to help you make your home look it's very best.

Add mirrors

Mirrors will make your home feel much bigger and help to bounce natural light around room.  Adding mirrors across from windows will trick the eye and feel like there's another window.

Charlton Mirror 

Removing Bold Wallpaper

A little colour and pattern is perfectly fine in a room when trying to sell but if it's too busy or every wall is covered it can be a little daunting to prospective buyers, especially if they aren't on the lookout for a project. Although you don't need to remove all the style, we suggest toning the colour palette down so it's easier for buyers to imagine what they'd do and where they'd place their furniture.

 Ltu Lag P1

Curb side appeal

An un-kept garden won’t be a deal breaker to most but it signal to buyers that the house may need work and won’t put them at ease.  The front of your house is the first thing viewers will see so it's important that it looks its best.  Before letting anyone view your home, be sure to tidy as much as possible, trim trees, remove weeds, finish any odd jobs such as fixing fence panels etc.  As well as the preening the garden, we suggest taking a step back and looking at the front door.  Is it clean? Does it need re-painting?

 Curb Side

Fresh Ambiance

Adding fresh flowers will help to brighten up your home and add a subtle fragrance.  This is also important if you have any pets, and it's always a good idea to open windows for a little while just before a viewing to let fresh air in.  Other ways to add subtle scents are freshly brewed coffee, baking and candles.

Mayfair Floral Mirror

Refresh your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most expensive parts of our home to update, so sometimes it makes more sense just to make it look as presentable as possible and let the new buyers make their own style choices.  There are many ways to give your kitchen a new look without spending a fortune.  Depending on your kitchen units you could paint the cabinets a fresh new colour. You can update other parts of the kitchen such as the worktops or handles relatively cheaply; it also helps to have some stylish window dressings such as blinds or patio curtains. 



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How to make your own Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are still a Pinterest favourite and well loved by interior design bloggers.  Creating a gallery wall is relatively simple as long as you have a clear plan before you start hanging anything. 

By considering the points we’ve put together below, you can hang your pictures with confidence…


Layout is probably the most important aspect of gallery wall yet the most overlooked.  If you have ever hung a picture and had to rehang it because it wasn’t quite in the right place the first time, imagine how stressful it will have to rehang five or ten pictures!

One way to ensure you're going like the layout before it's too late it to place the frames on the floor and play with the size and adjust where necessary.  This design can then be replicated on the wall. Another fool-proof way to plan your gallery wall is to cut out paper to the size of each frame. You can tack it to the wall while you decide where each frame to go.  Pinterest is full of tips like this and diagrams such as the one below..

How To Hang Gallery Wall 


Where to hang your Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are used to add impact to a space so it's important that you hang your frames in the right place.  Due to their scale, it's often best to do this somewhere where you have a large blank wall, such as in the hallway, or behind the sofa.  Another great place to add a gallery wall is on the stairwell wall as the angled nature lends itself well to the mix and match approach of a gallery wall.

Gallery Wall Stairs 



The great thing about a gallery wall is you can make it as personal or stylish as you like. Choose your favourite quotes, colours, motifs, or patterns to create an eclectic look.  Or it can be an interesting way to display family photos, this is especially effective when printed in black and white to create a cohesive feel.

Gallery Art 



There are so many options when it comes to choosing picture frames for a gallery wall.  Choose matching frames and the look becomes elegant and structured (this works best if the artwork your displaying has a theme i.e. black and white).  Whilst you can create an eclectic look by mixing frame styles and sizes – we suggest keeping the artwork quite simple when mixing the frames to stop the look becoming over whelming.

Galllery Mixing Frames 


Gallery walls are the perfect way to inject a sense of personality in your home without having to redecorate or spend a great deal of money. The options we've looked at above make them a versatile option to consider when wanting to give your home a new look for 2017!


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