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Does The UK Have a Problem With Old Sofas? [Infographic]

Sofa Waste Infographic Header

Each year in the UK, we throw away thousands of tonnes of sofas into landfill, and the majority of the sofas thrown away are in perfectly good condition. We’re all entitled to buy what we want, but the impact we are having on the environment may make us think twice about our sofa decisions.

The amount of CO2 used to make a new piece of furniture is over 1000x more than refinishing it. So recycling one tonne of sofas would save a massive 1.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions according the anti-waste task force, Wrap UK. Imagine the benefit on the atmosphere for every 100 sofas saved from a landfill site.

So what can you do to save your sofa? Firstly, buy higher quality! If you initially invest, you will see a long term gain in terms of the lifetime of your sofa. Secondly try to upcycle your furniture - reupholstering your sofa will make you feel as if you have brand new sofa, but really your old faithful sofa has just avoided the skip. Finally, you can always donate your sofa. As long as it has the relevant fire safety labels, charity shops will happily accept it. Here’s an infographic that details exactly the problem of throwing away sofas in the UK…

Sofa Waste Infographic


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