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Hidden Gems – Could You Be Sitting On A Real Treasure?

Before you throw away that tatty old chair in the corner of the sitting room, take a closer look. Some pieces of furniture aren’t quite what they seem and you may have been sitting on a hidden gem that just needed a little TLC, as these examples show.

Mismatched sofa

Transformed from tatty and damaged to bright and cheerful, the addition of printed fabric to this tired sofa allowed it to retain its luxurious look and deliver uncompromised comfort.


B4 1


After 1

Two-seat sofa

 By replacing a heavily worn pattern and damaged wood detail with something modern and contemporary, this two-seat sofa is now sitting pretty!


B4 2


After 2

Modern chair

With a plumper cushion, a brighter colour and repaired arms, we think this chair looks as good as new, having been transformed from something tired and uninteresting into a real statement piece!


B4 3


After 3

Luxurious coach

Taken from a dull and uninspiring green to a deep and indulgent burgundy, this luxurious couch has certainly benefited from its makeover. The high-quality finish of the reupholstering works to the furniture’s merit and makes it a sensational piece.


B4 4


After 4

Use your imagination

If you are looking for valuable furniture in your home, try and assess its structural merits and imagine what it would look like with new coverings.

A wonderful way of exposing the original attributes of your chair and bringing it back to glory is to give it a tasteful makeover. With some clever use of fabric, you can revive an antique piece of furniture so that all of its best features are enhanced.

Keep any exposed parts of wooden furniture well-polished – beeswax is best. Ensure that the new covers are well-treated and regularly cleaned and then you can simply enjoy sitting on a comfortable and attractive piece of furniture!


Joanna Whitworth

Home Decor enthusiast and employee of Plumbs Loose Covers and Reupholstery.

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