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Archive for February 2016

How Plumbs Can Save Your Sad Sofa

It’s a shame that this is an all too common sight in the UK; an abandoned sofa, thrown out onto the street to make way for a brand new suite.  But when you consider the amount of time spent finding the right size furniture for your home, or the great memories your sofa has been the foundation of, it can seem like a real shame to just discard it.

With this in mind, Plumbs would like to change the public’s perception of old and tatty sofas and help them to see the potential in the furniture they already own!

Take this sofa which could easily have seen a fate like this.  Luckily however we were able to purchase this and give it a brand new lease of life.

Abandoned Sofa  

We striped back the old worn fabric; tightened the joints and made a few repairs to the frame before replacing the seat cushions and padding.  The feet were in good condition so we decided to keep these as they are, along with the scroll detail on the arm.

Cth Weg P1 

The ‘Chatsworth Rose’ fabric we choose is much fresher than the brown fabric that previously covered it.  This fabric has a delicate floral design in a subtle Duck Egg tone, a colour that works really well against the dark feet.

In the image above we co-ordinated this look with a mini dot fabric called ‘Chatsworth Trellis’ and pale Pink and Gold scatter cushions. Fresh flowers also give the room a more vibrant feel.

This amazing transformation is just one of hundreds we carry out each week which is why we feel it’s such a shame to see a perfectly good sofa (just in need of a little TLC) thrown out! What do you think – are you a fan of our transformation?

This could be your old and tatty sofa too – no need to put it into landfill just yet. If you’d like to speak to one of our expert Home Consultants about transforming the furniture in your home, why not contact us today.


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5 Valentine’s Day Inspired Interiors

Colour, pattern, and texture can all be used to create a different atmosphere in your rooms. Cool colours like blue and green project a soothing mood, whilst warm colours like red tends to portray a passionate energy.  Because of these properties it’s no surprise that as Valentine’s gets closer we start to see this colour more and more.

Dark & Romantic

Making your home feel more romantic doesn’t mean you have to reach for the pink or red paint.  Dark colours are great at creating an atmosphere, and work really well when paired with stronger flashes of colour.  Flowers and greenery will also help to contrast the darkness.

Valentines Dark 

Image courtesy of (Photo by Mike Baker, styling by Heather Nette King)

Classic & Oriental

Layering pink and reds can create a sophisticated and feminine look and stops the pale pink from becoming too sugary sweet.  The bird wallpaper and silk bedding gives this room a distinctively oriental feel.

Valentines Oriental 

Image courtesy of


Pink, White & Black

This ultra-modern living space below has been given a pretty and romantic twist with a pastel pink sofa.  This works well against the monochrome colour scheme.  A gallery wall filled with your favourite black and white pictures will help add to the romance.

 Valentines Modern

Image courtesy of

Floral Mural

This beautifully intricate mural makes a big statement. This could also look really striking behind a simple yet bold coloured sofa, in a tone such as the orangey red of the flower on the right.

 Valentines Mural

Image courtesy of

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is the classic romantic home style.  This look is inviting and is all about comfort and cosiness. Fresh flowers, fur throws and candles adorn a neutral colour palette.   This shabby chic theme is particular good if you’d like to avoid darker more intense colours like red and will give a much fresher look. 

Valentines Shabby Chic 

Image courtesy of

Although these looks have been inspired by the romance of Valentine’s Day, they are versatile enough to work all year round, and in both traditional and modern style homes.  Been inspired to give your home a new look?  Don’t forget to comment below and tell us your plans…


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Does The UK Have a Problem With Old Sofas? [Infographic]

Sofa Waste Infographic Header

Each year in the UK, we throw away thousands of tonnes of sofas into landfill, and the majority of the sofas thrown away are in perfectly good condition. We’re all entitled to buy what we want, but the impact we are having on the environment may make us think twice about our sofa decisions.

The amount of CO2 used to make a new piece of furniture is over 1000x more than refinishing it. So recycling one tonne of sofas would save a massive 1.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions according the anti-waste task force, Wrap UK. Imagine the benefit on the atmosphere for every 100 sofas saved from a landfill site.

So what can you do to save your sofa? Firstly, buy higher quality! If you initially invest, you will see a long term gain in terms of the lifetime of your sofa. Secondly try to upcycle your furniture - reupholstering your sofa will make you feel as if you have brand new sofa, but really your old faithful sofa has just avoided the skip. Finally, you can always donate your sofa. As long as it has the relevant fire safety labels, charity shops will happily accept it. Here’s an infographic that details exactly the problem of throwing away sofas in the UK…

Sofa Waste Infographic


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