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Reupholstery or Loose Covers?

Which is right for you?

Reup Or Loose

Both reupholstery and removable loose furniture covers are a fabulous choice in terms of value for money and helping the environment by saving suites!

Over 95% of all furniture styles can be covered or reupholstered including Parker Knoll, Multiyork, Ercol, Cintique, Parker and Farr, Sofa Workshop, G Plan, M&S plus hundreds more.

Advantages of Reupholstery

Reup Or Loose Reup

  • A reupholstered suite is a great value and sustainable alternative to buying a new quality suite.
  • Reupholstery is a very good choice for the environment. By choosing to reupholster rather than renew, you are keeping your furniture out of landfill.
  • Comfort and sentimental attachment are not affected. You are making the furniture you know works well in your home look brand new again.
  • With a huge choice of fabrics to choose from you can create a bespoke new look not available on the high street.
  • Attention to detail is better than loose covers. This is particularly useful if your furniture has wooden features or deep buttoning for example.
  • Reupholstery is a traditional craft. By choosing reupholstery you are supporting traditional British workmanship often by genuine local craftsmen and women.

Advantages of Loose Covers

Reup Or Loose Loose

  • Good value for money. Probably about a quarter of the cost of a new suite.
  • From an environmental point of view, loose covers are a great choice as you are effectively recycling your sofa or suite.
  • You get to keep the furniture you know fits well in your room, whilst avoiding the hassle of trailing the high street for a new suite.
  • Washability is also a big plus point for loose covers. Most Plumbs covers are machine washable. Your consultant will advise any fabrics that are dry clean only.
  • Massive choice of fabrics. You can choose from hundreds of options.
  • Producing loose covers is a traditional craft often by genuine local craftsmen and women.
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