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MultiYork Reupholstery, Repair & Restoration

Furniture that is hand-crafted and tailor-made boasts a superior quality to mass-produced pieces. Multiyork offers a fantastic range of suites, from timelessly classic sofa shapes to cool and classy contemporary looks.

Multiyork suites often tend to be made with loose covers; however, we still frequently see them coming through our workshops to be up re-upholstered. We have a fully qualified team of consultants to identify Multiyork styles and our upholsterers are familiar with the way in which they are built. Having this all-important understanding enables Plumbs to offer you the best service and guaranteed craftsmanship when restoring your furniture to its beautiful former glory.

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About Multiyork

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Founded in 1978 in an old Mill in Suffolk, initially operating with one store and workshop, Multiyork now boasts over 61 stores nationwide. The furniture manufacturer custom-makes a range of contemporary home furnishings, such as sofas (including leather, upholstered and sleepers), chairs, cabinets, and other living and dining room furniture pieces.

Multiyork’s team of dedicated team of master craftsmen and seamstresses pour their many years of skill, craftsmanship and devotion into each piece they help to create. When purchasing from Multiyork, you as the customer have the option to tailor items it to suit specific needs. Whether it's a firm or soft seat, a high or low back, Multiyork will be able to meet your requirements. During the re-upholstery process of Multiyork or any other brand that Plumbs works with, these options can also be requested.

Plumbs provides a full re-upholstery service and can provide you with loose covers for your Multiyork furniture.

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