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6 ways to update your garden this summer

Is your garden in need of a makeover?  Then follow our guide below to help you make the most of it this summer.

  1. Add colour

Adding colour to your garden is one of the easiest ways to give it a new lease of life.  By simply buying a few planters filled with colourful plants you can really freshen the overall look. Or for a cheaper alternative. why not get creative and update the pots you already own with spray paint? There are many tutorials online like this one below from bowerpowerblog

Blue Ombre Plant Pot 

  1. Lights, lights, lights!

We know the importance of good lighting in our homes, but our gardens can often be overlooked.  Lighting outside is not only practical, it can add character and make us want to use our gardens more (especially on those warm summer nights).  There are lots options to choose from when looking at lighting for your garden. Solar lights are a particularly good option as they are relatively cheap to buy and can just be staked into the ground.

Solar Garden Light

  1. Create zones

Defining zones can be a great way to bring order to a busy garden, especially if it’s used for multiple purposes such as cooking, playing games, and relaxing. You can use different materials to separate your space such as fencing or paving, but you can also define an area using themes, colours and types of plants.


  1. Paint

Painting your tired-looking shed and fences can give your garden a cleaner, polished look.  An obvious choice if your garden has natural look is to choose paints in brown and green tones, however your shed can be the perfect place to play with colour. Why not turn your shed into a ‘beach hut’ by painting it in soft pastel hues?

Beach Hut Shed

Image source: Cassiefairy

  1. Privacy

An overlooked garden can be off-putting to use, especially if you live in a busy residential area.  Adding some privacy will make you feel more relaxed and help you see your garden as an extra living space.  There are a few options to consider when creating a more private garden, some of which will take a little time and investment.  If you’re planning to stay at your home for some time it may be a good idea to invest in plants, hedges and trees, as you’ll get to see the benefit of your hard work.  A much quicker solution is fencing or to create a sheltered seating area such as the one below.

Dining Area

  1. Accessorise!

Accessories are one of the quickest ways to give your garden personality and create a welcoming atmosphere.  You can pick up items like bright watering cans, lights, and cushions relatively cheap from garden centres, and supermarkets.  You could even try making your own – these pots below are made out of old tins painted in bold colours.  These would be great if you plan to grow your own herbs!

Garden Accesories


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Upholstering: It’s Not Just for Chairs!

Furnishings maketh the home … but not all your interior style inspiration has to come from chairs, sofas and cushions!

From doors and walls to stools, headboards and bookcases – there is no end to what you can upholster. Here we look at three unique options for you to try.

1. Decorative doors

Tired of two-dimensional doors that offer little decorative input? Upholster them to create sensational designs that really stand out.

Reupholstered Door

To recreate this look, you’ll need: vinyl sheeting, gold tacks, hammer and a utility knife.

Step 1: Remove the door from the wall and lie on a flat surface.

Step 2: Cover the door with the patterned vinyl sheet, leaving a small margin along the edge.

Step 3: Hammer the tacks into position by tracing the pattern of the vinyl.

Step 4: Cut the vinyl away from doorknob holes and install the handle, adding tacks to finish the design.

Step 5: Cut vinyl from the hinge locations – leaving around 1/8 of an inch to tuck beneath the hinge plate.

Step 6: Fit the hinges and door-handle before re-hanging the door.

TOP TIP: decorate both sides of the door before fitting.

2. Beautiful bookcases

Practical and stylish, upholstered bookcases can be a great way to expand storage and add additional seating options if used on low-lying options.

Reupholstered Seat - Bookcase

To recreate this look, you’ll need: MDF board, foam fabric, staples and staple gun.

Step 1: measure and cut the MDF to size for your bookcases.

Step 2: place the MDF board on top of the fabric and foam face down.

TOP TIP: use the fabric’s pattern as a guide to keep everything straight.

Step 3: staple the fabric to the back of the MDF, being sure to pull it tight.

TOP TIP: fold the fabric over before stapling to give more material to puncture and create a strong hold.

3. Handsome headboards

Better than shop-bought options, upholster your own headboard for a unique style that exudes your unique design passion.

Reupholstered Headboard

To recreate this look, you’ll need: headboard, foam, batting, fabric, a utility knife, scissors, staples and staple gun, flush mount and spray adhesive.

Step 1: lay the foam on the floor with the headboard on top and cut to shape.

Step 2: repeat for the batting and fabric – allowing a margin of 4-5 inches.

Step 3: use the spray adhesive to fix the foam to the front of your headboard.

TOP TIP: wear a mask and only using the adhesive in a well-ventilated room.

Step 4: when dry, place the batting on top and turn the headboard over.

Step 5: staple the batting securely to the back of the headboard using the staple gun.

Step 6: repeat with the fabric.

Step 7: fix the headboard to the wall using the flush mount.

Unique upholstering

With these great DIY upholstering ideas, you’re sure to find the inspiration you need to transform your home. Match these choices with our professional furniture upholstering service at Plumbs and ensure every aspect of your home is as beautiful as it should be.


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